Take Home

Take Home

In my practice I like to focus on three things.

A. Strength Training

B. High Intensity Conditioning

C. Foundation Building

Each has a certain amount of “take home” responsibilities necessary to see results.

Strength Training requires

1. immediate nutrition; high in protein, low in fat; 45 minutes after exercise.

2. movement to stay loose, and stretching of inflamed muscles.

3. Lots of sleep or some deep meditative breathing to relax and rejuvenate.

4. Frequency of 2-3x per week under load and time under tension

High Intensity Conditioning requires

1. immediate nutrition with more carbs from fruit and veggies, along with some protein and light fat. Smoothie of sorts for quick absorption.

2. Stretching and decompressing the joints will be best following this workout.

3. importance of rest to rejuvenate. (High Intensity conditioning frequency depends on age and current condition)

Foundation building requires consistency. No shake or cat nap needed for this one. Instead this should be what wakes you up from your nap or food coma. A quick flow of movement based stretching.

It can be as simple as sitting in the splits vs the couch getting home from work, or reaching for the ceiling every time you catch yourself drooping in front of the screen. Obviously we would want to make it a little more structured with regularity for personal benefits.

If you have you’re own program or you are currently training with me. This should serve as a prime example of three days per week of training already.

Based on your goals, you either add in another day of strength training (opposing muscle groups) or high intensity conditioning, with a daily grasp of foundation building. Easily programs can build towards… (example below):

Beginner/ Novice:

M- Strength      T- Foundation    W- High Intensity    Th- Foundation     F, Sat, Sun— Rest

Advanced/ Regular:

M- Strength    T- Foundation    W- High Intensity    Th- Foundation   F- Strength      Sat, Sun– Rest

Experienced/ Pro:

M- Strength    T- Foundation    W- High Intensity   Th- Foundation     F- Strength    Sat- High Intensity    Sun- Rest

Elite/ Competitor:

M- Strength   T- High Intensity    W- Foundation    Th- Strength    F- Foundation    Sat- High Intensity   Sun- Foundation

As your frequency builds, so should your planned nutrition, required rest, and regularity to see desired results.

Example, I can’t live a beginner lifestyle; i.e. taking weekends off to drink and eat with friends, if I want to perform or attain an “experienced or Elite” level of satisfaction.

I meet you where you are at, and from there the decision is yours.





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