Recommended Daily Activity

Recommended Daily Activity

Face The Wall Squat:

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Great for lengthened “end- range” hamstring strength

There are many reasons to improve end range hamstring strength, no matter what level of fitness you are at.

1. Better deceleration control for clients who are quad dominant. (Rehabbing ACL injuries)

2. Improved stabilization in end-range lengthened position = more powerful acceleration back up (regress to progress explosiveness for athletes)

3. Overcome common “tail tucking” signs while performing back squats = greater stabilization in hamstrings for better support (Correcting a bad habit before it becomes too late for novice lifters)

4. Focus on training the eccentric contraction (down phase) of the squat for more time under tension recruiting deeper muscle activation= GAINS!

How Do You Do It?

1. Stand a foot away from the wall

2. cross arms across your shoulders

3. Tuck Chin into your throat

4. Inhale through your nose, compressing your abdomen with air

5. Push DOWN through the floor slow, steady and forcefully

6. Place elbows between the knees, stabilize and hold…

7. Contract back up to the top

8. Take a baby step closer and repeat until your toes are touching the wall.

How Should I Do It?

 As a neurological warm up, or as an activator between sets

1. Warming up- aim to achieve 6-10 reps at an easy to progressive “medium”- level of difficulty

2. In between sets- aim to achieve 3-5 reps at a medium to progressively “hard”-level of difficulty.

i.e. Easy- Fingertip to elbow distance away from the wall

Medium- forearms distance away from the wall

Hard- 1 hand distance away from the wall

Expert- Tippy toes in contact with the floor board of the wall.

Key Benefits:

Get better at squats

Open up your hips

Develop  your hamstrings and glutes

Release tension and strain from the hip flexors

Improve your posture

A great option to keep squatting outside the gym

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