• Take Home
    Take Home
    In my practice I like to focus on three things. A. Strength Training B. High Intensity Conditioning C. Foundation Building Each has a certain amount of “take home” responsibilities [...]
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  • Recommended Daily Activity
    Recommended Daily Activity
    Shoulder Wall Slides: Why Do This? 1. If your overhead shoulder range of motion sucks! How Do You Know If Your Over Head Shoulder Range of Motion Needs Work? 1. Do you have constant pain or [...]
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  • Recommended Daily Activity
    Recommended Daily Activity
    Face The Wall Squat: Great for lengthened “end- range” hamstring strength There are many reasons to improve end range hamstring strength, no matter what level of fitness you are at. [...]
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1 On 1 Training

1 On 1 Training

Train with G, Monday- Friday 6am-8pm. Slots are limited, so book today! The best way to jump in is on two feet running! You’ve thought about it enough which is why you are reading this now. Take action, improve your life, live your life, make fitness a lifestyle! Discover the best way to train by reserving your spot today. Call, Email or Schedule Online Here.

Group Training

Group Training

The affordable option to train with G. Have fun, enjoy each others company as you work with your partner or small group in an engaging setting to work towards your goals.   Fitness gets spiced up, as we implement partner workouts, “you go – I go” routines, and friendly competition. Two’s company, three’s a party. Enjoy your workout and have something to talk about at your next social outing. Everyone will love that you and friends can enjoy fitness together. That’s what it’s all about! Groups of 2-4.

Outdoor Adventures


The outdoor adventure of fitness! Great for private groups, fit families, corporate bonding and teams in training. Take your fitness to the backyard of SF; Presidio, Baker Beach and the Sand Stairs! Self designed courses are specific to your groups needs and capacities. Experience fitness in nature, and use the outdoors as your gym. The goal is to have fun, challenge each other, earn some bragging rights and lift to live! Private groups of 6-12.

Workout Time!

Join A Class

Monday, Wednesday: 7 pm, Friday: 6:30 pm, Saturday: 9am

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 Can you say #SSD ? It's a real thing! Follow me to the sunshine! #gottagetout #anywherecounts #sunshine #nature #hike #lift #run #fitness #sexy #gjjr #stress #kills  Working on those #TPI reports #9hole #parthree #twopars #practice
 #endlesssummer #kidsagain #takemeback #bike #tour #campus #freshmen #heat #drink #bemerry  Making a light weight heavy: In picture A my feet are close and weight is directed underneath the tire. This makes the lift easier and safer. In picture B my feet are further back and hands out wide for less center of gravity under the tire. This makes the same weight now harder to lift due to less leverage. Most picture A lifters would say they need a heavier tire. Hell even I said that. At that point the light bulb should go on, "how can I make this light weight heavier?" The answer is to lift it in a harder position,( or more ballistic or compound it too) Have fun out there #experiment #challenge #adventure #lifestyle #fitness #sexy #gjjr #tips #techniques #strength #sf #richmond #sidewalk #workout #train
 #cruisen @pelkapelka #freshmen #again  The push-up: 1.Get as much weight into your fingertips as possible. 2.Lean and reach as far over your hands as possible pulling shoulders away from neck. 3. Point your elbows straight back or even diagonal and back; avoid flaring out wide. 4. Tuck your tailbone under. 5. Squeeze your knees as hard as you can. 6. Breathe deep below your belly button going down. Hold at the bottom. And shoot your exhale out when pressing away from the floor. Avoid sloppy push-up reps. They are terrible for your neck shoulders and elbows. Spend more time on form to change the push-up from an upper body workout to a full body workout. Be happy doing one push-up in 10 seconds vs 10 push-ups in one seconds. Unless you are the #zohan! #push-ups #fitness #gjjr
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